Just no luck with Men

I met this really cute guy at a bar about six months ago and felt this extreme chemistry with him. Needless to say that we ended up in bed that night…and the night after that and the night after that and before we knew it, we were almost living together. This guy was insatiable…most guys would lose the charm of getting intimate after a few months and then it’s just ‘let’s get it done with’…especially after moving in together but this guy was great…he had something new to do every time and came up with new ideas and ways to spice things up. He was great to talk to as well…good company…nice to look at…very sensitive to my needs and very caring…that should have given it away but I was so deep in the bliss of having found the perfect guy that I didn’t notice.

I sensed something was amiss when his bedroom experiments started getting somewhat strange. He would want me to treat him like to woman and wear all these sorts of different accessories to have sex with him like he was the woman. The first time I was excited but this became the theme of our intimate time together and I started to become uncomfortable. So…I told him and he was quite understanding about it…we stopped and got back to the normal ways of doing it and I was the girl back again but he wasn’t doing so well. Ideally he could continue for a long time but that wasn’t happening…I was quite mixed up too so I let it be. I thought he was just tired or something….little did I know there was something else going on.

Then one day I decided that I had probably been a little harsh on him…everyone has preferences and maybe he was not feeling so good about me not wanting to do it his way so I decided to leave early form work and surprise him at home (he was freelance photographer and at home mostly). So I went home and saw a stranger’s car parked outside. I thought nothing of it…maybe he had a client or friends over…thinking it would be nice to meet someone at his side, I walked into the house…to get the biggest shock of my life.

I saw my boyfriend…my perfect man…bending over the kitchen counter with another guy giving it to him from the back…and he seemed to love it because he was making all those seriously moaning sounds. None of them could see me because I was standing right behind them but I could see everything. I was so shocked I didn’t realize I could walk away. They kept at it for quite some time and my guy just seemed to want more and more of it…he kept pressing the guy to go deeper inside him and push it harder and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing…what I was seeing.

When they were done and my guy got up (to probably return the favor) is when the two of them saw me. The stranger seemed comfortable but my guy lost all his color and started gathering his clothes…he didn’t know what to say. So I made it easier for him…I walked out saying just take your things and go…I’ll be back in an hour…and he was.

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My Girlfriend and Me

My girlfriend and I had been happily together for two years…it was quite a normal relationship and both of us had just become talking about taking it to the next level. She was very happy…I could tell and I was sure of her commitment when she began introducing me to the family and started talking about meeting my extended family…get to know them more etc…I was a happy man. Both of us decided that we will put in more at work so that we could look at settling down soon and had started working long hours soon…she was working harder than I or so it seemed at the time because she would not even come back home for the night sometimes…working late…have to prove myself more…very important assignment, this will really put me in the limelight…and many reasons that I heard over a span of a couple of months, but one fine evening I really understood how dedicatedly my beloved girlfriend was working.

I happened to pull a late shift at my work and decided to give my herd working girlfriend a surprise visit. I bought flowers and got Chinese from her favorite place. I had decided I wasn’t gonna let her work long tonight…it had been too long since she and I had not had a good time together (not to mention sex had become pretty rare)…so I bought all that stuff and headed to her work place, my head full of how great the evening was going to turn out.

I didn’t completely just walk into her office, I called…twice but she didn’t pick up so I figured she must be busy and just went up to the reception and asked for my girlfriend. The receptionist guided me and I headed to her office happily. I didn’t even think about knocking the door…she’s my girlfriend right…and I didn’t think she would be in a board meeting at that hour so I just walked in…but she wasn’t there. I looked around and saw the lights under the bathroom door and figured she was in there so I decided to surprise her and just hide next to the door…so I kept the flowers and to food on the table and went to stand next to the door…and that’s when I heard it…

Soft moaning sounds coming from the bathroom…and I could recognize those sounds anywhere…those were my girlfriends sounds…thinking that she may just be pleasuring herself thought I’d help her out and had just opened the door an inch when I spotted activity in the mirror that the door opened to…my girlfriend wasn’t alone…she was straddling some guy I had never seen. She was so engrossed she didn’t even notice the door open. I witnessed everything for about 30 minutes…she was totally into it. She let him take her at the back and seemed to feel no pain (we had never done it that way), then she gave the guy a blow job for the longest time ever…this is when I decided I had had enough and couldn’t help but bang the door and walk out of the office as soon as I could.

I didn’t even want to see her face and just sent her a message to collect her stuff the next day when I’d be at work and to leave her set of keys on her way back…she was gone when I got back home…just like that.

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How can I believe her?

After being suspicious that my wife was getting too close to a friend I asked her about my concerns…. She said she’d been counselling him through marital issues and she agreed to put distance between them. Another dinner party later and I could see nothing had changed, the next day I asked to see her mobile phone because I’d seen her hovering over it waiting for texts. She freaked, said she wanted to kill herself and fled the house with her phone. I managed to find her, recover the phone and found she’d been sending sexual text message to him. She swore (on our children’s lives) that it was nothing more than this, that she felt terrible and wanted to make thing work “whatever it takes”. I forced her to go over and tell his wife what had been going on and I went round myself to throw the boot in. I gave her the chance to come clean and tell me everything; she swore again that I knew everything.

After going through phone records the next day I saw that there had also been a picture message, this time when I challenged her she admitted that there had been two picture messages, her nude, him nude, that there’d been two kisses between them and he’d felt her up at a dinner party (while the kids were there!). She seems genuinely remorseful; she swears there was never any physical attraction (despite what she’s admitted) and that it was only ever the thrill of the texts. I have to ask myself though, how can you trust this person, before this I thought I could trust her no matter what and now that’s broken and I don’t know how to get it back. We were going through a lean spell in the relationship, she’d battled depression after having the kids between that and the kids I’d be the first to admit we’d drifted. What gets to me is that instead of putting right her own relationship she went out and found a thrill with someone else. The very last text in the stream, from her, was “enough talk, show me” – but she swears that she’d never have allowed it to turn into a physical relationship…how could I believe that, should I believe it?

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GPS Tracking will help you catch a Cheater!

Cheating on one’s spouse is something which is considered to be the major reason for the separation of a couple. Rightly so, because it involves the partner being disloyal while he/she promises loyalty. But there was not good way to find out the cheating spouse for sure, till recently when this blessing of GPS Tracking was launched, you can’t ask for something better.

Let me tell you a story of my friend who was suspicions about the moves of her boyfriend especially after she was seeing a pattern of incidents which triggered this suspicion. He was also caught with white lies but tried to defend himself as much as he could, with all his communication skills which I would call deception.

My friend did get caught up in this lie and then just trusted him blindly. Then, it happened that I was personally a witness to my friend’s boyfriend actually cheating on her, but I didn’t have any camera that I could use to take a picture and inform my friend about it. However, one positive aspect about this incident is that I was at least sure about the fact that he was a cheater. So I advised my friend to get this GPS tracker installed in her boyfriend’s vehicle and check it for herself whether what I am saying is a lie or truth. Truth prevailed and my friend found out that her boyfriend was indeed a cheater , thanks to GPS Locating Devices.

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I guess they all cheat?

There are many cases in which girls make up a group to make sure that they lie about each other’s whereabouts so that they can keep cheating and consider it as enjoyment and at the same time not get caught. This is what happened with me too. I used to think about checking my girlfriend’s whereabouts and thought that the best people to inform me about her character were her closest friends. I trusted them for what they said and used to believe that my girlfriend is exactly as loyal as her friends describe her. Then by chance I came to know that it was a tendency of the girls in the friend’s circle of which my girlfriend was part of, to lie about their friends to their boyfriends to that they are considered loyal every time.  Nothing can be more disgusting then knowing such realities which blind us because of blind trust. Anyways,  I did not lose hope and thought about finding a method that will actually make me satisfies that what I know is irrefutable proof against my girlfriend before I accuse her of cheating. That was when I discovered GPS Tracking and Cell Phone Monitoring Software, I came to know that this device is used to track cheating spouses so why not I can use it for my own purpose and this is exactly what I did. The results of the data collected by gps Tracker were just fascinating, I would not ask for more after such an accurate description of her whereabouts without asking anyone else. I can now be sure about anything that is being told to me whether it’s a lie or not and hence accomplish my mission of finding a trustworthy spouse who is loyal to me as I am loyal to her. I rented my GPS Device at www.gps-rentals.com and cell phone monitoring software at www.babydaddytracker.com

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Why girls are not caught cheating as often as men

Yes, girls cheating and getting away with it seems to be a fact these days, and I always believed that this does happen. I was proven right by the report in the news that women cheat and do not get caught often because of many reasons. I would like to share some of them with you, but first let me tell you my personal story.

I was with this girl Rosie, from Florida, who was quite a good girl from her apparent looks, a decent personality, and a dedicated person or that was how she was known among people. We met when we were working together in a company and realized that we actually live in the same locality, so I thought I should do her a favor by picking her up from her home and dropping her back after office. Things went quite well and we started liking each other, this likeness grew so much so that we started looking at each other as potential partners who can have a very good live in relationship. But then, a mishap happened because of which I had to live the company and then I was no longer able to pick up and drop Rosie as I usually used to do. Still, I did not break contact with her altogether and actually waited for her to meet me at the weekend where we both can spend the time together and enjoy each other’s company.

To my surprise, as soon as I left the company, Rosie seemed to have lost interest in me and was just not accepting my phone calls as she used to do, or she was not even talking to me the way she did when we were good friends. This shocked me so much that I actually had to ask her about it and the reply that she gave was unbelievable, she said that she could never think about long term relationship with me, and if she did then possibly it was just a mistake because of lack of judgment.  However this did not work with me, I had this suspicion that how can a girl change so much overnight and then don’t even feel anything about it. I researched about her, and then came to know that she is actually a person who is just a men pleaser and uses them in any way possible to make sure that her work is done. This pleasing quality also included cheating on not just one, but many boyfriends. Also, she had developed this excellent quality of presenting herself as a very honest person, who no man can think about as a cheater. No wonder she met another man in the company after I left it and was using her for her own conveniences.

So as I said, this was just one example from my personal narrative, the other reasons which were shown in the news as to why women don’t get caught included the fact that women are good planners when it comes to cheating , so when they cheat, they do it very well. Also when women cheat, they make sure that they have the proofs ready to support their lie. I would say beware of cheating women, the one whom you trust might turn out to be a professional cheater.

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I thought she was a good woman, but she was a cheater too!

This is my story, my personal experience of life, which made me think twice and reflect on the fact that we should always learn from other’s experiences, no matter what they say or how they say it. Cheating is of course one of the biggest reasons why relationships do not last , in fact 90% of the time it’s the cheating act of the girl friend or the boyfriend, husband or the wife, which becomes a reason for the separation of couples.

I am going to share with you my experience, in which I was cheated by the one who always made me think that she is someone I need to appreciate because of her loyalty. I was proven wrong, not just by her by I was proven wrong by my own intellect. I used the opinion of the conscience over the opinion of my intellect and hence I did put myself in this dangerous situation. I met Pamela, my girlfriend when I was 16 and we were in college. She was a bright student and always interested in studies and refrained herself from vain talk. She was not of those who used to party every weekend; but she was definitely among those people who like to stay reserved and secluded. This was an immediate attraction to me, the reason being that she was not among those girls who hunt for boyfriends as if either you have a boyfriend of you are a lesbian, but I still don’t believe this is the case, there are many people who actually believe in being straight and in reality are straight regardless of what people accuse you. I started getting to know her more, invited her for dinner even at my home, just to introduce her to my parents as to what a nice person Pamela is.

My parents too were impressed by the knowledge she had and they thought that if she was my partner, I would have a good life and I too thought the same to be frank. Then they day came when I thought I should propose her and ask her to get married to me, she rejected outright, and to my surprise she said she is not rejecting me, but she is rejecting the marriage, because she felt it was not the right time for her to get married and she needed to concentrate more on her career. More over she also said that she is comfortable with me being her boyfriend, and I thought she was genuine, but again I was proven wrong. Once I was forced by my friends to go to the party even though I don’t like to, and then at the party accidently one of my friends told me what a great girlfriend he has, and the relationship that they have between them and he also said that she is coming in some time and I should meet her. I agreed instantly, however to my shock that girl turned out to be Pamela and then I was unable to believe that what I have just witnessed was reality, but yes it was a reality and further more my friend also told me that they are getting married next month, so Pamela lied to me about marriage as well. This is how I was cheated by my girlfriend, and I am telling you this to prevent yourself from being in such a situation, you can’t do all mistakes in life alone, hence learn from other’s experiences.

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My husband cheated on me, this will save you from being cheated on.

My experience of having a cheater husband is something which always gives me nightmares and I fear that this does not happen with any other woman besides me. Only someone who has experienced what I have experienced can understand what I am talking about. Cheating is not something which is to be taken lightly, it’s a very awful thing, so much so that you stop trusting anyone even though they are honest in reality just because of the awful experience that you had gone thought. I was cheated by my husband who was at one time my only love, my only hope for goodness in this world and a trustworthy companion who was always with me when I needed him. We had a very nice marriage, one which was built on trust a pillar which broken can break marriages and result in divorce. In the initial five years after our marriage, everything was on the top, we had a good home, we had two beautiful kids, and our way of life was simply something which a person will crave for. Then, as things progressed we came across different challenges in our lives , my husband was seeking another good opportunity with a company after his long relationship with them, as he felt that they no longer needed him. We made a decision to shift to another city and find some good opportunity there for myself as well as for him so that we can both contribute to our family financially and hence take care of our kids in the best way. We got a house in the city, which was awesome, there was nothing more that we could have asked for , the house was fully furnished and we just needed to go there and stay in. But there was one problem and that was our neighbor. There was this woman who used to sweet talk my husband in front of me every time and since she was slim and not as overweight as I was, my husband used to tell me how well she has maintained herself. This made me jealous of her because I would think from an age perspective, as I was too slim when I was of the age of this neighbor but as we get married things are not always the same. So, I realized that my husband , when he appreciates my neighbor being slim , actually does not appreciate me not being like her , however when I was of her age I was quite better than her. Things moved on, and I ignored such experiences, and then came the disaster, I went to the market to buy something and informed him that I will take time for me to return. However, when I was halfway to the market I realized that I had forgotten my purse at home, so I headed back home. What I found was the door was open and my neighbor was with my husband making love in my own bed. That was it, I could not bear the sight of this cheating husband and just asked him to divorce me.

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Cheated by apparent honesty

My name is Melissa and I would like to share with you my story about how I was cheated by my boyfriend whom I loved so deeply and couldn’t live without him. Yes, it does hurt a lot, but life teaches you to go on, as the other person who cheats on you does. There is no real meaning in actually hurting yourself because of the unethical behavior that someone else has shown. Such an attitude further weakens you as if you don’t have your own self respect and are without an option; when the world is so big with such incidents of cheating spouses take places every day.

How did we start loving each other?

We met in college when I was sixteen and he was senior to me, however, I did not fall in love with him in the usual for many ‘love at the first sight ‘way. In fact it was love based on respect for the person I fell in love with. I was good looking and may boys would play around with me just to make me their girlfriend, but I knew that these guys were just not being serious and all it matters to them is lust and they just make false promises. Then I met John, a person with whom you feel comfortable to stay with, not too bold and not too shy. A mix of qualities that he had in him which made him attract to me , as I was attracted to him because of such qualities. From the way he treated me it was clear that he was not behind my body but he talked to my mind, he talked to my soul and shared all experiences that he had in life with me, even though I was a stranger to him.

What attracted him to me?

My honesty, this is something which he himself had informed, me. Yes, he was right at that one, I am someone who believes in being honest and expects honesty from others as well. This world has many cheaters but there are also many good people around who think like you and hence form a bond based on the common quality of honesty which keeps you with them for a long time. John too had this quality of honesty in him and he told me stories about cheaters in different fields and how he hated them for their unethical behavior. These qualities were liked by me so much so that, I would bet on his honesty.

How did we break up?

Because of cheating, yes that’s the truth, which was as unbelievable to me as it is to you right now while you are reading this. The questions that may be coming to your mind would be i.e. how come a bond which was based on honesty, between two honest persons break up because of the exact quality, cheating? Yes, it’s surprising but it’s the truth as well which I don’t believe should be hidden. John, whom I believed to be an honest person, actually was found out to be a very smart deceiver. He had a bet with his friends that he will cheat on me after he befriends me and breaks the challenge that his friends had made to him. So there I was, just a challenge for him to break. I cried, yes I cried a lot, but now I smile because I have to take the positives out of the negative experiences that I had in my life. The experience was that I should not just go by what is apparent of a person and should actually test people based on their principles, their principles should be put to test.

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How not to encourage your husband to become a cheater – a personal story

Cheating by husbands is so much common these days that it makes us ask ourselves the question, are men born to cheat? Then we come across some really good men who are perceived to be honest to break the usual perception. However, not all women are lucky enough to be with such men, who they can trust for being loyal to them in spite of them being bad to them. One such example is me; I was one of those women who liked to think just about myself and what I do and what I want. Nothing else mattered to me except my own priorities and I expected people to do what I want them to do and not to complain about anything. The person who was at the receiving end of this bad attitude that I had was my own beloved husband. He was a nice man, ready to do anything for me. He loved me took care of my kids and treated me like a queen. These qualities in him made me actually think that he is doing so because he finds himself to be lucky as I have married him, and hence tries to impress me with such qualities. This led me to look down upon him and my expectations increased, I started hurting him with my attitude by insulting him and his manhood and making him realize how a useless person he was, even though the opposite was true. Things grew worse and I was being very mean to him, not thinking about him anymore, not loving him as I did earlier and just being a wife for the sake of it, as if there is nothing that a wife is supposed to do for a husband. I started making worse challenges to him by demeaning him by letting him know how luck a man he is because he has found someone like me in marriage; else he does not have any value himself and thus is not someone who a woman will desire to be a husband. There were many warnings that he gave me, letting me know that I am crossing the lines, however, I was adamant on my attitude. Then one day, I realized that my female neighbor had this likeness for my husband for what he was, and so I thought how ungrateful I am to him, for his companionship. Alas! It was too late, I found out via my friends that my husband is in a relationship with someone for the very reason of my attitude and challenges to his manhood. I made a serious mistake of hurting his ego to the extent that to get it back, he indulged in a relationship with someone else, who respected him for what he was, despite not being a wife as I was. I blamed no one but myself for this tragedy, went on my knees to apologize to him and promised to him that I would never be bad to him and he too apologized for what he has done. Now, we are living a good happy life, but I just want you to know that you should not be like me to encourage your husband to be a cheater.

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Cheating – The Breaker of Trust in Relationships

Believe it or not, to be cheated by someone is not a good feeling even for those who don’t consider cheating to be always wrong. This feeling that makes someone think about themselves as guilty of hurting others always stays with them till they are alive, all they do is try to convince themselves why they were right even if they did an act of cheating. They try to find justifications for themselves but all in vain as their life tells others that in reality they are not happy and are suffering mentally because of the guilt feeling that does not leave them, which they always try to hide. There are many types of cheaters and cheating that people do, however the most hurtful one is that which is done between couples who trust each other for what they are and love them with their full heart. These couples can be husband and wife or a girlfriend and a boyfriend. The reason why cheating between couples Is considered to be worse than any other type is because of the sheer damage to one’s life is done because of it. To such an extent that when it’s said that a man or a women is a cheater then the first thought that comes to one’s mind is about a boyfriend cheating with the girlfriend or girlfriend cheating on the boyfriend, a husband who is known to cheat the wife or the wife who cheats the husband. There are many stories when it comes to cheating husbands or cheating wives but the society seems to be concerned about just one fact and neglect the other. The fact that men cheat on women is highlighted as if it’s only the men who are supposed to hold the tag of a cheater while a women is seems as some who cheats out of being a victim of circumstances. This is a wrong idea that is being spread so much in the society which demeans men and deceives men about what women can be in reality.  Men can cheat and then be known for it , however women when they cheat they have this peculiarity about them that people don’t tend to suspect them because of the smartness they display when they cheat. The man can be open and clear to his friend asking him to not tell his wife or girlfriend about him being with someone else yesterday, however on the other hand women are clever enough to do the preparations well in advance so that they don’t have to be answerable out of suspicion. However, it seems that the more it’s blamed on men by calling them cheaters and women kept away from it, the more it will result in the society exemplify the truth as falsehood and falsehood as the truth, which in turn will affect the society’s true growth and keep the society in a confused state about the path to compliance between men and women and till the time we have both of the cheating each other , the trust of the whole society is at stake and to change such a society into a trustworthy society , what we need is people not being cheaters but being loyal to each other.

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Grandma is Cheating on Grandpa!

That’s right, I am 58 years old and my husband of 32 years is a lousy Lover in Bed. He doesn’t even try anymore. I have been by his side through thick and thin, and I mean Thin. I have raised our children, ran our house and listened to his mother her run her mouth every holiday for the last quarter of a century! I need a break, a nice, handsome younger fella to show me a good time.

I need special attention from my husband! I want him to notice me. I just do not understand why he is ignoring me. He has the blue pills and just refuses to take them! I am not saying lets have an orgy or a wife swapping party, I am just saying that I need some affection and a quick roll in the hay. I fondly remember our youth when we stayed up dancing and talking until the wee hours of the morning. We had so much fun and romance back in the early years. I just don’t know where the time has gone.

Women need attention, whether its at age 15 on a first date or 30 years later, after marriage and children. This theme applies to every one in a relationship. Take care of your woman and your woman will take care of you!

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Women can be Trusted, Can’t They?

There are many cases in which girls make up a group to make sure that they lie about each other’s whereabouts so that they can keep cheating and consider it as enjoyment and at the same time not get caught. This is what happened with me too. I used to think about checking my girlfriend’s whereabouts and thought that the best people to inform me about her character were his closest friends. I trusted them for what they said and used to believe that my girlfriend is exactly as loyal as her friends describe her. Then by chance I came to know that it was a tendency of the girls in the friend’s circle of which my girlfriend was part of, to lie about their friends to their boyfriends to that they are considered loyal every time.  Nothing can be more disgusting then knowing such realities which blind us because of blind trust. Anyways,  I did not lose hope and thought about finding a method that will actually make me satisfies that what I know is irrefutable proof against my girlfriend before I accuse her of cheating. My search was over with GPS Tracking from Baby Mama Tracker, I came to know that this device is used to track cheating spouses, and Baby Mama’s so why not I can use it for my own purpose and this is exactly what I did. The results of the data collected by this GPS tracker were just fascinating, I would not ask for more after such an accurate description of our Women’s whereabouts without asking anyone else. I can now be sure about anything that is being told to me whether it’s a lie or not and hence accomplish my mission of finding a trustworthy spouse who is loyal to me as I am loyal to her. Thanks to GPS Tracking from Baby Mama Tracker. www.babymamatracker.com

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How I got Caught Cheating on my Baby Mama

Cheating on your baby mama is a dumb ass thing to do. I did it and I am going to share with you the dumb ass ways I got caught cheating on my baby mama. I bought new jockey shorts, with my new woman’s initials sewn into the waist band. I was to eager to get up and go to work, on Saturdays- I am off weekends! I shave off my beard, I have had a beard for twenty plus years! I went to the dentist, actually started taking care of my self. Said I was at work, when my girl was about front of the building looking at the closed for business sign! I used my baby mama cell phone to call my new girl because the battery was dead on my cell. The kids caught me kissing my new girl, and I told them she was aunt Marie. I am an only child with no siblings. I did my own laundry, and left a tube of lipstick in my pants pocket. I dialed my baby mama and started talking dirty to her, then called her Marie. I got drunk at our wedding anniversary and announced I wanted a divorce as I kissed Auntie Marie! So, the short story is you are going to get caught cheating on your baby mama, its just a matter of time. Cheating on your baby mama requires a lot of lying, manipulation and deception.

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I caught him Cheating with Cell Phone Monitoring Software!

I bought the Baby Daddy Tracker cell phone monitoring Software, this is how I caught him cheating on me! His cell phone was always out of sight, he kept it hidden. I knew he was up to something. I was not sure how to go about catching him. He is my baby daddy and I need to keep him in check. The Baby Daddy Tracker monitors all cell phone activity! I can review his text messages, even the deleted ones. I checked our phone bill and there were over 500 text messages to a number I didn’t recognize. The tracking software gives me the exact information on who he called, who called him and how long he was on the phone. The software even shows his missed calls. The tracking software is very easy to use. I can log in, look at all his cell phone activity and know exactly what he has been doing. With GPS Tracking I can even See where he has been all day anytime I want it. I can even get a full report on his whereabouts when he is in the car with Vehicle GPS Tracking Devices. The Baby Daddy Cell Phone Tracker is a must have if you suspect your man of cheating on you! www.babydaddytracker.com

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I got Cheated on by my girlfriend

Hey yall, I know this sounds dumb as hell, I have been cheated on by my girl. I caught her cheating on me with some dude from the projects. He is one broke dude, and not much to look at either. What is wrong with my girl? Why would my girl cheat on me? All I know is that I am really hot, pissed and downright furious. I was cheated on by my girl the same day I got a speeding ticket. Yeah, I knew she was sneaking around. The Baby Mama GPS tracker sent me and instant alert to my cell and I flew, at the speed of light to catch her in the act! Yeah, she is not my Baby Mama, but whatever, The Baby Mama GPS gave me a complete run down of her movements, and now I have enough to confront her ass. She is busted! I know she is going to try to deny cheating me, even though the Baby Mama GPS Tracker sent me right to my car, yeah, she drives my car and I take the bus to work! Not anymore! The Baby Mama GPS is very accurate; I traced her to a motel, a park and this dudes crib! The Baby Mama GPS Tracker works, buy it, quit playing games. My girl cheated on me and I know I could have prevented it if I had the Baby Mama GPS Tracker sooner. see it at www.babymamatracker.com

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Cheating women, do they exist? Yes of course! Ask me.

Many men have this quality in them that they feel, “Oh My girl is a good woman” she is far from cheating me. This is nothing but an illusion which helps them think that there are fewer women who cheat than men and more over keeps them blinded so much that they are not ready to even give a check. Hence it’s very important to do a reality check instead of depending on old clichés and opinions that people have about women and how they are perceived in the society. Due to the advancement of technology people get connected to each other like never before, and the more they get connected the more options they see in their lives to do choose from. These options either tempt them to desire that which is not within their capacity or just keep them in an illusion about the things they do, which in their opinion is perfectly alright. One of these things is the act of cheating on the spouse. It has become so easy for people to cheat these days on social networking especially women that they just don’t get caught because they are having those relations via social networking where the husband does not know what the wife is doing , or the boyfriend does not know what the girl is doing. Of course I am keeping the personal conversations in perspective and not the public ones. But this reality that women cheat very smartly is something which is not given a special focus and men are considered to be the first ones to prove themselves as cheaters which is unjust as well as an old tradition which is inherited without any check. My own wife cheated on me via social networking, she always did let me know how much she loved me and cared for me, but Alas! I didn’t know what was being done behind my back. From the day I brought the internet connection home, and introduced my wife to social networking she seemed to have a different agenda altogether. I had this feeling that she is using social networking to cheat on me or find someone else who is more meaningful to her and that probably she has lost interest in me. She used to ask me when I asked her questions to enquire as to what she is doing or who is a specific person in her friend list, she use to reply by asking me “don’t you trust me?” and I remember telling her every time that I do trust her but I don’t trust others as to what they can do to you. And sadly the feeling that proved to be right, she was actually cheating on me behind my back. I came to know this when I followed her unusually during my office hours and then found her going to the same man that I saw in her friend list. Hence, I proved the innate feeling in me to be right, and this was just one of the examples how women cheat with intelligence and are far more better than men in doing that, they use their emotions to get away with their cheating.

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He cheated on me even though I was the one who helped him

Sometimes life teaches you to not be stupid and test people for what they are and be in a good trustworthy company. There are many who warn you with their experiences, but when love is in the air you tend to lean towards your heart than lean towards your intellect. This is what happened with me. I felt in love with Steve who happened to be a drug addict , I don’t know what was it that attracted a person like me to him , I guess the sheer beauty of his face which I found very attractive. We started dating each other when we were in our college and then at that time, I felt that even though he is a person known to take drugs, I can assist him in getting out of it. I gave him encouragement to stop using drugs and start living a tension free life as other people do. I explained to him how drugs cannot just make him physically weak but also harm his mental state. There were times when I had to call the ambulance to take him to the nearest hospital when he had problems; I was always there with him every time he needed me. Then I introduced him to a drug rehabilitation center and explained to him, how he can be helped to get out of the drug addiction by systematic course which needs to be followed strictly. His parents appreciated what I was doing and felt very good for me. Things went very well and he was just improvising on his health, the drug rehabilitation center treatment seemed to work. There were no signs of a normal drug addict on my boyfriend anymore and he too informed me how good it feels to live life like a non addict. This is when he became fit , started going to the gym to build some muscles, and surprisingly did a very good turnaround , no one would recognize that he is the same drug addict who could not even think about being in a gym for a workout. I felt great too, but there was a problem that I realized with Steve, he no longer thinks about me as he used to, he started taunting me on my looks which he never did earlier, probably because he has become quite healthy and got the female attraction as well. He did not wait for me to come along with him as he did usually and was so much of a changed person than what he was; it was like he started thinking to high of himself and low about me. Then, to add to this horrible experience, was the bitter truth, I found out Steve is actually cheating me and having relations with the girl who used to go to the gym. I came to know that they even go together and hence was completely broken by the fact that the man whom I loved so much, thought that I should help him live a great life, cheated on me. Then I remember those people who stopped me from befriending Steve and wished I would have listened to them. It seems no matter how much you do for a Man, they always seem to cheat on the good girls. A lesson Learned!

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A Cheater is the man who I loved the Most

These days we have things going on so fast; the way people connect with each other via internet is just unbelievable. Friends who were once with us when we were in school get connected to us, using social networking as if they were never away from us. We get reminded of our old days when we had fun and thus it becomes a reason for us to be happy as the bond of friendship grows. There are also other benefits like we can do businesses online within our friends circle and hence explore a new world of possibilities. However, there is another side to this boom of social networking too and that is something which can destroy some people’s lives and I was one such victim, a victim of social networking. I was a novice and was not much aware about computers; my boyfriend was very active in web designing and used to inform me about the benefits. However, he never discussed much about social networking with me and I was not too interested as well as I had this gut feeling that what is online is false and can’t be the truth. So I just entertained myself with Gospel lessons, learning them and teaching to others as well. It was an awesome feeling to do the work of God. Then one of my neighbors suggested me that if I am so good at preaching, I should actually make use of the options available in social networking so that I can make the most of what I do and also at the same time get exposure in the public even without being actually present with them. My aim was to spread the message of God and not differentiate between my audiences. Since we were in a live in relationship for more than 6 years, trust was not something which I felt was an issue , as I devoted myself to my God and did not believe in breaking trustworthy bonds with partners. I also advised people how to build trust between themselves and eradicate the suspicion. Then, I actually started using a social networking website which was quite famous among people, and I too thought I should give it a try. I was hesitant to upload my personal information for security reasons. Then, as I was adding new friends, surprisingly I got a friend request from my boyfriend and he was quite flirty in the way he approached me with his friend request. I thought for a while that he is probably aware that it’s me who is the unknown person preaching the Gospel, but then I realized that he is just unaware about me and his profile does not even show me in a relationship with him and reflected as if he is single and looking out for someone. Then I explored his personal images and to my shock I found images that just woke me up. I felt I was just being with a man for six years without even realizing how terrible womanizer he is and these images became a reason for our relationship to break. Hence I would say that if you need to check your man , please do check his online profile , you never know what you would witness.

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hell yeah i cheated on her, So what!

Yeah, I am cheating on my baby mama, I am a cheater and a liar! So what! I cheated on my girl left and right, I have three girls to satisfy and two of those girls are my baby mama! They do not know about each other, are you kidding? If they knew about each other I would be dead meat! I was a young buck when I met my first baby mama, she was hot to trot, and the next thing you know, nine months later she was my baby mama! I think she trapped me, or at least tried to trap me into that marriage thing with her by getting knocked up! I made her do paternity DNA testing, I had to be sure that the baby was mine, I mean after all, she was fast to jump in the sack with me, why wouldn’t she be shacking up with other dudes too? I have one other baby mama, she has two of my sons, and I am cheating on her too! I hooked up with my sons baby mama a couple years back, and things just happened. I have three kids by two women, and I also have a girl on the side, she is much younger, she just turned 20. I am not crazy enough to let that hottie go, but I still have to make time for my baby mama and kids! There are only so many hours in the day, and since I have been in this weird set up with my baby mama and new girl I have been worn out, into the ground! I have been cheating on my baby mama for at least 7 years.

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Cheating from a Man’s View!

Cheating from a Man’s view:-

There are different viewpoints with regards to how men think about the subject of cheating,

  • Some men think that it’s not at all acceptable that a man cheats on a woman;
  • Some men think that it’s OK till the time the family is not affected;
  • Some think that cheating is not something which should be considered as bad but should be just considered a necessity of the sexual desires which a body naturally has.

Having said that, there are different reasons which many men are found to give when they are caught up cheating or they are suspected about it, either by their wives or girlfriends or their relatives and friends.

So let’s see some of the reasons why men cheat if they do.

1.       Seeking sexual variety:-

This is considered by many men as the top most reason for men to become cheaters or lie to their wives about the extra marital affairs or girlfriends about their sexual relationships.

They seek to be with different women and try to give a satisfaction to themselves as being men whom women want to be with, or if it’s the case of college boy then he wants to prove how much of a stud he is, just because of the number of girlfriends that he has and the way he manages them altogether by fooling around.

2.       Being Unhappy: -

Many men are found to say that they cheated or cheat as a result of being unhappy.

Either because they are in a bad relationship or they have been going through a rough phase in their life where the marriage is just nothing but a piece of paper which stops them from satisfying their desires or they are not really in a position to get married develop this habit of cheating on their girlfriends or wives, and the one of the biggest reasons for them to find satisfaction in it, is that it does not cost much as compared to marriage, it’s cheap and sexually pleasing and exciting as well.

3.       The society factor:-  

In different societies around the world we have different perspectives of how sex is looked upon and how infidelity is looked upon.

An example can be of Japan where the infidelity rates are higher and the divorce rates are lower, indicating that infidelity is probably considered such that it does not have to be the reason for divorce as compared to the other parts of the world where infidelity is considered to be the most compelling reason for divorce.

So if a man is brought up in a society which is actually on the verge of diminishing the loyalty issue between husbands and wives, girlfriends and boyfriends then, cheating should be considered as something which came naturally for the man.

This society factor is very important to be considered when it comes to cheating or infidelity.

Consequences and how to stop cheating from a Man’s perspective:- 

Consequences of cheating are many which differs from man to man, from breakdown of the family structure to the development of a society which considers normal something which was once considered to be bad, not because it became good but there are so many people doing it, that considering it OK seems to be the only option.

There are also some men who consider it as a source of happiness and getting out of their cultural norms to do what they want to do.

Men would stop cheating not when they are physically stopped from it, which is a trigger for excitement for many, but they will stop when they are ideologically changed to believe whether what they are doing is right or wrong.


Cheating from a Woman’s perspective

Cheating from a Woman’s perspective:- 

As men are known to look out for other women, having a reputation of being unfaithful, women on the other hand are known to be extra particular about their men so that they are assured that the men they are with are being faithful to them and not being dishonest.

Let’s share with you a woman’s viewpoint on cheating. Cheating has many perspectives and these perspectives differ from culture to culture and region to region throughout the world. Why women cheat? And what do the consider cheating? Such are the questions that come under the same perspectives that have been described above.

Let’s see what is cheating from a woman’s view:-


This is the biggest factor that putts off a woman when they come to know about their boyfriends who cheat on them or their husbands who do so. Being dishonest is something which betrays trust and hence does not guarantee an assurance about your partner’s loyalty or living a happy life with them. So knowing the husband or boyfriend who once used to give lots of love messages, phone calls etc…is the same who has actually cheated on you becomes a compelling reason for women actually divorcing men if they are married , or losing the respect for the boyfriend with whom they were in a relationship for ever.

A compelling force for tit-for-tat attitude:- 

Cheating partners can result in women actually acquiring the reason to take revenge and then do the same to their partner what they have suffered i.e. face disloyalty. However, not all women want to go to this extreme step but some do, just because they want to prove to the men that if you can do it, I can do it too.  This can only be correct if two wrong acts can make one right act.

Consequences of cheating from a women’s view point:- 

Many women want to be loved by a truthful person a partner who does not cheat on them and hence becomes more attractive to them as a result of their loyalty as women are known as emotional beings. However, it has been observed that when a woman is faced with disloyalty, she tends to break down, so much so, that she tends to look down upon herself as if it was her mistake that her partner was disloyal even though she was not wrong. So cheating is something which in itself says it all about the fact that it’s not correct , especially because when women commit themselves to their partner , they expect the same loyalty from them back and if they don’t find it , they tend to do the same that was done to them in some cases. The exceptions are those women who are deemed as ‘Alpha Women’ who want to cheat to satisfy their sexual desires or to give themselves the luxury and pride of being a women with power or position , where she is the one dominating men. Women view cheating as something which is a reason for them to be extra careful or suspicious about their relationships, for which they are often blamed for not trusting their partner

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Ladies, Pay Attention!

The number one reason why a guy cheats on his wife is because he is not getting enough attention at home! Ladies, pay attention to your man. Listen to his body language. If you have been married or dating for some time and find yourself in a situation where you are bored, lonely or have a wandering eye, then pay attention to your man, he is probably wandering too.

Giving your partner or husband the attention he needs will keep his eye from wandering. If your man is getting slow in the bedroom department and spends more and more time with the guys, you may find him cheating on you. You need to spice it up, maybe buy a sexy night gown or some new panties.

The first place most guys will go for attention is either their mama or buddies. There, he can complain to both about how you are slack, and lazy. The next stop will be with another woman. If another woman feels sorry for him, maybe pays him a little bit of attention and offers some desperately need affection, your man will end up cheating on you.

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Men cheat for attention!

Sometimes men can be out right pigs, sloppy, messy and mindless! They find themselves looking for a woman that will treat them as good as their mama will, but offer all of the things a wife should do!

Some men just cannot seem to treat a woman like a wife, instead they want their wives to wait on them, cook, clean and be an all around housekeeper as well as give up a little booty on the side! The chores of keeping up a home and family can be overwhelming at times. Some men are spoiled, their mama did everything for them, and now want that same trait in a wife! Good luck, today’s modern woman wants nothing to do with a cry baby mamas boy who cant get off his ass and make dinner or bathe the kids.

Finding the attention that a mamas boy needs can result in cheating on his wife! The cheating husband finds himself looking for attention, for someone who will coddle him, make him feel the way his mom did. Mother and son relationships can be a significant source of stress in a marriage. The husband always comparing his wife to his mom can be a poisonous seed, that left unattended will grow into a poison!

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Women Cheat on their Men for Elevated Social Status!

Women find them selves cheating on their husbands for some of the most absurd reasons. Sometimes, women think that a man can offer social status. The idea of having tickets to the hottest shows or being able to get into the most exclusive night clubs may be a deal breaker for hooking up with a guy. Social status is a very important concept to women of all ages. The idea of being important, appreciated and flattered with goodies is the dream of most women from the teenage years always to the retirement home.

Women who find themselves in a boring, dead end relationship may look outside the box for some excitement.! The possibility of meeting the next prince charming is only a hook up away. The idea of cheating on their man doesn’t really bother them. Some women think that as long as he never finds out she is cheating, all is well in the relationship. Maybe the woman who is cheating feels safe and secure in her current relationship, however is lacking some of the basic needs that her current man cannot provide.

Cheating on your husband or boyfriend is a personal decision, it does not just happen!

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I Cheated on my Baby Mama!

I was with my Baby Mama for eight long years. I cheated on my baby mama because she was slack. She was always to busy running around with this one, that one and the other, then she would be gone off to get her nails done. No, she didn’t cheat on me, (that I know of) but I cheated on her for a long, long time. It took her years to catch on.

I cheated on my baby mama because she just didn’t want to spend any sexy time with me. She wanted to go ramming the roads, shopping and hang with her trashy little girl friends down at the salon. She really didn’t take care of our kids; she was always dropping them off at her mom’s house

Another reason I ended up cheating on me baby mama is that she acted like she did not care about me. She never paid any attention to me after the kids were born; she acted like I was her servant. She definitely forgot how to treat a man! So, it’s very simple actually, she ignored me and treated me like crap so, I ended up cheating on my baby mama!


Private Investigator catches him cheating!

I hired private investigator to follow my husband, I was sure he was cheating on me. I just do not have the patience or time to follow my husband around for days at a time, we have kids at home. I was worried about the financial and emotional expense, and concerned about taking my suspicions to the next level. The private investigator I hired was very discreet, no one else knew I was using his services to catch my husband cheating on me. I was ashamed of myself for suspecting my hubby of cheating on me. I was worried about hiring the private investigator, I was scared that I was being foolish and over reacting to some of my suspicions. My husband was working later and later, but I never saw an increase in his payroll direct deposits, we have a joint checking account. At first, I thought maybe, he was using drugs, but realized that because of his job he could never get away with that. Then, the ideas of him cheating on me made more sense, he was gone all the time, changed his shower and shave routine as well as bought new clothing!

The private investigator followed my husbands every move for about two weeks. The private investigator asked me a lot of questions about his work routine, where his usual hang out spots were and what time he usually got home in the evening. He has a gps tracking service that can pinpoint my husbands every movement, and since our cell phones are under my name he used a software program to record his phone calls and text messages. I have absolute proof of my husband cheating on me, the investigator gave me a couple hundred color photos, recorded phone calls in mp3 format and even included a photo, name and address of the woman my husband was cheating on me with! I couldn’t believe that his services were that fast! The private investigator was very kind, he offered me a lot of advice on how to deal with the divorce court proceedings and gave me a recommendation for a good divorce lawyer. The private investigator I hired was very knowledgeable about family court law, he gathered information that could be used in court and did not bill me for anything else. I am fortunate to have found a such a nice guy!

I used the services of the private investigator to get an answer that I just could not get on my own! I have the proof I need to accuse my husband cheating on me and win in court!

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The Baby Mama GPS Tracker really Works!

I caught my baby mama cheating on me with a gps tracker! I had it
installed on her car. I told her I was taking her car in for service. If she can
lie, I can lie! I wasn’t really sure if she was cheating on me. She would pack
up the kids and say she was dropping them off at day care. I found out that she
was only working part time, and her mom had the kids!

I didn’t think spending the money on the baby mama tracker was
worth it, but it was. I caught her ass, red handed, the baby mama gps tracker
sent a text to my cell, and bam, I had her ass red handed!

The baby mama gps tracker is stealth; she doesn’t even know it’s on
the car! I got the whole report, where she was, what streets she drove to get
there and how long she spent at each location. Apparently she was using our car
to ride some other dude around! I didn’t want to have to resort to buying the
baby mama gps tracker, but I did. I needed proof and got it!
Cheating on your man is wrong and take a lesson from me, don’t do it, you
will get caught by baby mama gps tracker.


Cheating on your man makes you a skank!

Listen, my ex-wife cheated on me for a couple of years. I found out
she was cheating on me, and I hit the roof. I was living in some weird reality
that our relationship was just fine! She was cheating on me with every Tom,
Dick, Harry, Michael and Larry. I think she is skank, she is my baby mama, and
if I could change it I would.

Cheating on your husband definitely makes you a skank! People are under
the impression that old fashioned gentlemen no longer exist, they do!
When I meet a lady, I treat her with respect and get to know her.
I am not interested in meeting anyone that has cheated on their husband or
boyfriend. I am a nice guy, looking for a steady lady who likes

So, for all of you women out there that are cheating on your man,
get a grip. Cheating on your husband makes it bad for all the other guys in
town. It’s hard to trust a new found love interest when you have been lied to
and cheated on soo many times!

Don’t do it! Cheating on your husband makes you a


Tonight is not your Lucky Night!

Sometimes, we go out, have a few drinks and the next thing you know you
are hanging around some hot chick, she is digging on you, and woo hoot, you are
going to get lucky tonight! There is one small problem with that scenario, your
wife and four kids are at home waiting for you. Cheating on your wife is just
not an option, drunk or not!

Sure, life is getting hum drum, boring, and same old stuff is happening
every day, you need a hot chick to make you happy. What ever happened to that
hot chick you married? I mean, if she is ten years older and out of shape, more
than likely, so are you! So, maybe you and your wife are not intimate is as
often as you like, the sex is just boring and almost nonexistent, so what, she
is your wife, it’s your job to spice it up! What did you do ten years ago to
make her fall in love with you? Yeah, sure, every new relationship is always hot
and bothered with sex, and it does fade over the years, but you have to work at
it. Anything worth having is not easy! Putting some effort into the romance
department will get you another ten years of solid marriage, and more sex! Don’t
cheat on your wife!


It is just never a good idea to Cheat on your Wife, You Will get Caught!

So, a little about women’s intuition, women are smarter than we all
think! Most women are extremely detail oriented, they notice the little things.
Remember when you were a kid and your mom knew you didn’t feel good; you had a
bad day, or noticed that something was wrong? Well, seems like most women have
that same natural ability that your mom had. If you are cheating on your wife,
her instinctive abilities will kick in, she will catch on! Cheating on your wife
is never a good idea.

Women notice facial expressions, mannerisms and personality changes
way faster than us men do! IF you shaved three times this week and bought new
cologne, your wife will notice. They know if we are cheating, they may suspect,
and have no proof, so they will wait it out! A smart woman will observe the
signs, wait for small changes and then, whoop that ass!

Your wife or partner may not really know what is wrong, but she
knows that something is wrong; she just can’t put her finger on it! That is
women’s intuition whispering in her ear! Cheating on your wife is just a bad
decision, man up, keep it in the family and have some self-respect!


The Monetary Cost of Cheating can become Quite Expensive!

The idea of
cheating on a spouse or partner is absurd, and not only is it absurd, it can be
quite costly. The cost of a divorce attorney can soak you for $300 an hour. The
time you spend going back and forth, filing paper, motions and trying to get
visitation rights or partial custody of your children can add up to much more
than what a quickie is worth.

Filing a petition
for divorce in a state or local court is a legal proceeding and has to be done
properly or you papers will be rejected. The $300 an hour average fee that a
good divorce attorney will charge may include an initial consultation, and cover
the initial filing of the divorce papers, if you’re lucky. If you have any
assets to protect, hire a good lawyer, or you will lose every nickel you have
ever made!

The billing is
done on an hourly basis and is a pay as you go process in most cases. The
attorneys will not lift a finger without a retainer, a payment in advance or a
deposit of ½ of what you final bill is to be estimated for. If you think
cheating on your spouse is a good idea, think again. It will cost you

After getting an
initial consultation and having the divorce papers filed, your attorney will
advise you on how to proceed with asset division. All of these proceedings will
be billed hourly and is not cheap! The average divorce settle takes 16 hours of
legal time to settle. You will be advised on splitting assets, giving half of
your pension and savings to your soon to be ex-spouse as well as shelling out
%17 percent of your income per child for child support, not to mention any child
support that you may owe to an illegitimate child born out of wedlock while
still married to your current spouse.

Cheaters never
prosper! If the spark in your life is fading, get some help with it! There are
things you can do to rekindle your relationship as well as save your family from
a personal tragedy. Children are affected severely by absent parents and
matrimonial fighting. Children tend to blame themselves and are not able to see
the truth, the reality of what is happening. Cheating causes children to have
very poor self-esteem, anxiety, and do poorly in school!

The burden on
cheating on your spouse is costly! The costs are emotional, financial, and
physical, because you may just get your ass kicked by the one you cheated on!
Not to mention, lies and deception take years to overcome. Cheating on your
partner is just not worth it!


Cheating on your Mate is a No- No!

Cheating on your mate is just not a good idea; you need to keep it
in your pants! The act of cheating on you mate causes distrust, anger, and hate.
Spouses who cheat on one another are breaking up families, ruining the American
dream! Many divorces, broken homes and children with abandonment issues are
floating around because you thought it was ok to CHEAT! Cheating on your mate is
just plain old grimy!

Sneaking around, and going from this one, to that one and then back to
the other is just shady. The risk of a sexually transmitted disease or an
unwanted, illegitimate pregnancy is just not enough reason to deter certain
people form cheating. The person you are cheating will be devastated. The idea
that it is ok to cheat on someone you care about is absurd!
Cheaters never prosper, at home, school or work, honesty is always
the best policy.

The idea that you are in love with a person, and love them enough
to protect them by lying about your cheating is absurd. If you loved them to
begin with, you would not be sniffing around the hen house for a new chicken;
instead, you would be at home where you belong.


Welcome to The Cheaters Forum

The Cheaters Forum is dedicated to helping both men and women
recover from a cheating spouse or partner. Members of the forum may be people
have cheated on their spouse, or the person who has been cheated on. Infidelity
can be a driving for a person to seek revenge, hire a private investigator or go
snooping in the night. Cheating on a spouse or partner causes such rapid and
extreme emotions and can trigger feelings of hate, insecurity, anger hostility
and much more.

The Cheaters Forum can put you in touch with other people who have
been in your situation. You can register for the forum and post your stories,
experiences and ideas about your situation. Sometime you just need to

The Cheaters Forum is for you if your pissed, been cheated on and
want revenge! It’s a sticky situation to deal with, cheating, catching the
person in the act will give you to proof you need to kick his ass or take him
for every penny in a divorce settlement.

The Cheaters Forum is dedicated to gaining information about
the subject matter as well as journaling personal experiences of the forums
members. There is no fee or charge to sign up, and you can be in direct contact
with other people on The Cheaters Forum without having to share your own
personal information.


Why do men cheat?

So why do men cheat? What makes Your Man lose focus when it comes to relationships? Do all men cheat for the same reason? Well there are several types of men on this planet and no not all men cheat for the same reason. Each man has his own lame excuse. Some of the most common reasons are:

The Player in Him - Some men are addicted and cheat only due to the fact they simply can’t control themselves. They might get into a relationship or even married but after the initial phase they get back to the routine of cheating and cheat only because of lack of control on their bodies, and the simplicity of their minds.

Lack of attraction- Sometimes things tend to go dry after the initial phases of the relationship and they start looking for better options. Some men tend to loose attraction towards their wife or girlfriend but at the same time do not want to get out of the relationship for security reasons, therefore they tend to cheat.

Sex- This is the most common major reason why most men cheat. According to some men, sex tends to get boring after a while and they want something fresh. In looking for something exciting and something new they tend to cheat on their wives or girl friends.

Constant nagging- Sometimes due to constant nagging and quarrels at home, men/Boyfriends tend to cheat. This might be simply due to his ego satisfaction or just take revenge on his wife or girlfriend. This basically deals with the emotional connection a man is not able to make with his wife or girlfriend and that’s why he goes out looking for the same connection with someone else.